TT Telegraphic Transfer 

What is T/T transfer? 

T/T stands for telegraphic transfer, a form of bank transfer. T/T payments are a cheap and fast way of transferring money overseas through most banks.

Bank transfers (also known as telegraphic transfers or T/T) is one of the simplest forms of international transfers. In traditional international trade, it’s risky for buyers to pay using bank transfers because their money goes into the suppliers’ bank account directly - before they are able to receive their order. However, on AliExpress, you use bank transfers safely by via our Escrow service. With Escrow, your payment is placed into an Escrow account and held securely for you. Payment is only released to the supplier when you confirm satisfactory receipt of your order.

How do I pay using bank transfers (T/T payment)? 

When you choose to pay by bank transfer, please follow these steps:
1. We will send you the Bank Beneficiary Details as on your request.
2. In the Bank Transfer Information section, you will see the Escrow account information you need to transfer your payment.

3. Please print out the section containing your Bank Transfer Information.

4. Go to your local bank to transfer your payment. Bring the printed Bank Transfer Information and show it to the bank officer before making your payment. Once complete, your payment will be held securely in an Escrow account.

5. If the status of your order has not changed to “buyer has paid the order ” 5 days after you’ve paid, please contact us

6. When using bank transfers, please transfer enough money to cover all banks` service fee. This will ensure that the supplier receives your full payment and will help you avoid monetary loss caused by refunds or disputes.

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