We understand that every piece of jewellery that is bought from CaratLane is special – a gift to yourself or a loved one... We have therefore taken utmost care in creating and inspecting the product thoroughly and pack it carefully. However if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your product, we’ll be glad to rectify the problem or exchange the product.

The CaratLane guarantee is simple - Please see below for the terms and conditions of our exchange policies

30 Day Exchange and Money Back policy:

If you are not satisfied with your product, you could return it to us within 30 days of receipt for a refund or exchange on the full Invoice value. You can return any of our products except for ones that have been customized for you and Gold Coins.

The value of the product being returned should not exceed Rs.1,00,000/- in case of Jewellery and Rs.5,00,000/- in case of Solitaires.

We offer FRE E return shipping within the 30 day exchange Policy.

Lifetime Exchange:

You can of course exchange your CaratLane product anytime after 30days too… We offer a lifetime exchange on all our jewellery. If at any point of time you want to Exchange or Upgrade the product, we will happily provide you with an Exchange as below:

  • Jewellery products consisting of studded Diamonds Exchange at 80% of current market value
  • Jewellery products consisting only of Gem stones Exchange at 70% of current market value
  • Plain Gold Jewellery including Italian, unstudded products and Gold Coins Exchange at the prevailing rate of gold.
  • Solitaire Diamonds Exchange at 90% of current market value, subject to a value limit of Rs.20,00,000/-. Silver jewellery products cannot be exchanged.
  • In all cases, the current market value will be determined by CaratLane.com



If at any point, you wish to sell back your Solitaire or Gold coins we also offer a Lifetime Buy-Back facility

Solitaire : We will buy it back at 80% of current market value, subject to a value limit of Rs.20,00,000/-. For products over Rs.20,00,000/- if you would like to set your price for the Solitaire, you may list the Solitaire on our site at your offer Price for a nominal service charge.

Coins: We value your investment and so we offer lifetime buy-back for Caratlane Gold Coins at our Stores/Experience Lounges at the prevailing rate of gold on Caratlane.com. In all cases, the current market value will be determined by CaratLane.com

Solitaire Mount: We also offer a lifetime buy back for Solitaire mounts bought from CaratLane.com.

The prices to be valued as follows:
Plain gold mount – Jewellery weight at prevailing gold rate on the website.
Studded mount - 60% of the product's current value.


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