Corundum - Synthetic Gems

Chemical Property: Aluminum Oxide Mineral (Al2O3)
Hardness (Moh's Scale): 9.00
Refractive Index: 1.767–1.772
Specific Gravity: 3.95 - 4.10
Dispersion: 0.015 - 0.018
Fire/Heat Resitance: 1100 - 1300°C

            Synthetic corundum, in the form of synthetic ruby, was the first gemstone reproduced by artificial techniques. Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil invented the flame-fusion technique (now known as the Verneuil method) of melting aluminum oxide and allowing it to recrystallize in a cone-shaped boule, the color of which can be controlled by the addition of chemical additives.

           Synthetic corundum has all the properties of the natural mineral, but is much cheaper than its natural counterpart, which allows it to be used not only as a synthetic gemstone, but to also have a number of industrial applications.

          Our Synthetic Corundum Gemstones are available in number of different colors.

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Pink #1.5