Spinel - Synthetic Gems

Chemical Property: Magnesium Aluminum Oxide (MgAl2O4)
Hardness (Moh's Scale): 7.50 - 8.00
Refractive Index: 1.719
Specific Gravity: 3.60 - 4.10
Dispersion: 0.011 - 0.013
Fire/Heat Resitance: 1100°C - 1300°C

            Synthetic Spinel is produced by the Verneuil method and is most often used as an imitation of stones other than spinel, such as blue sapphire or aquamarine. It is an outstanding synthetic material characterised by great hardness, a high refraction index, sharp dispersion of light, and a wide variety of colours.

           Our Synthetic Spinel Gemstones are available in number of different colors.

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